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     Nicholson Wood Products and Services LLC

Steven and Cara Nicholson     Nicholson Wood Products and Services LLC was started by Steve Nicholson in 1990. In our first years, we supplied firewood mainly to residential customers on a small scale. As our reputation as a reliable and honest business spread, we increasingly became busier.

      In 1999 we added a Blockbuster firewood processor in order to keep up with demand. In the early 2000's we began supplying metro area restaurants with wood for cooking. In 2008 we began producing landscape mulch as a way to be a zero waste business. Since then, our business has continued to grow by offering quality products at fair prices.

We began offering tree trimming and removal services in 2016. By offering great service at competitive prices, we have steadily grown in this area of our business. This has dovetailed well with the other areas of our business as we can recycle all tree removal debris.

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Nicholson Wood Products
Nicholson Wood Products

632 NE Brown Road Lathrop MO 64465
Phone: 816-628-7324